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 Dakota M. Blake

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.::Dakota Morvyn Blake::.
.::He tries to forget what he can't remember::.

Full Name:
Dakota Morvyn Blake (Dakota)
Nicknames: Dak, DK, Kota (doesn’t usually like this nickname but he’ll put up with it on some occasions)
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Orientation: Bisexual ~ Dakota: Yeah well, the most I get with a guy is if I'm drunk -3-
DOB: July 17, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Race: Demon though possibly with a bit of Lycan in there.
Crush: Nope.
Relationship Status: Single
Father: Reamus
Mother: Crystal
Brother: Raymon

Roughly 5”7’ and weighs around 135lbs

Like most half-demons (or my version anyway) Dakota can only tolerate some much of something. For starters, he has an EXTREME soft spot for girls, and because of this, he tends to be protective of almost any girl he comes across or feels somewhat close to. Though if he just happens to see ANYONE picking on a girl, Dakota will act on that and attack whoever it is, regardless of their size or appearance. He WILL fight to the death to protect nearly any girl. Though if his anger gets to a certain level, Dakota could and just might end up losing control of himself and his inner demonic side may be unleashed and he will go on a killing rampage killing anyone in sight. If he doesn’t calm down he would kill to the point where the anger and rage might exhaust and kill him.

Personality: Dakota: “I am funny, outgoing and caring. Though if you piss me off/get on my bad side, I’ll be the exact opposite ^_^”

From ages 2 to 6, Dakota wasn't exactly shy but just very curious yet cautious of things. He would get into lots of trouble like just wandering off, causing disturbance and even started conversations with random people. However, he hardly noticed it, but his protective side slowly began to emerge at this stage. However, around age 6, Dakota suffered the loss of his mother, basically the reason he is alive considering his own father tried to kill him. Losing her affected him GREATLY and he went into a very quiet stage of his life, though due to being a child, he slowly got over it, but even to this day he STILL hasn't fully gotten over it. Now, after a few shocking events, some part of Dakota snapped and he went into this very dark stage where he wasn't himself at all. It was as though a demon had possessed him. He hardly talked at all and if he did, it was quiet and had an evil touch to it. This also happened to be when he developed a SERIOUS case of insomnia and he could almost never sleep. The most sleep he would get we rang from several minutes to about an hour. Though over a short period of time, his insomnia became better and he began getting up to about 2 to 3 hours of sleep. He still had problems eating however. In time, Dakota slowly returned to his normal self (or close enough) though a new problem had risen up. A demon which Ray had soon named Morvyn now thrives within Dakota causing him to do horrid things to himself at times including causing him mental and physical pain. ~ Good lord that was like part of his history right there O_e

He's tall, slender yet with a fair amount of muscle, long jet black hair that falls down to about his shoulders and spikes out in the back. Dakota's hair can fall to either side but usually to the left and could end up covering part of his eye. Considering Dakota isn't too picky about clothes, he could end up wearing just about anything. Though he mainly wears skinny jeans (could be any color but yellow because he hates that color. Too happy even for him), black are his preferred color along with dark red, purple or electric blue. He almost ALWAYS wears a belt because if he didn't, his pants would fall down lol. The belt is usually a checkered one that could be black and red, black and purple, black and green, black and white, or rainbow colored He ALWAYS wears converse since he finds them comfortable and they could be purple or black (usually black though.) He usually wears bands shirts that could say Three Days Grace on them or Korn since those are his two most favorite bands <3 Though he could wear any sort of other shirt, but they usually range in the darker colors unlike his pants XD and yes, Dakota WILL wear pink (if you want him too that is), though it has to be hot pink or Magenta, a soft pink is too girly for him. He can also wear collars and a variety of arm/wrist bands. They could also say just about anything.

Pet Peeves:
Being called strange. If you do it once, he will give you a warning. Do it twice... Well, he’ll let you see what he'll do ^^ But seriously, he doesn't care HOW pissed you are at him. Calling him strange is like ASKING to die. Or at least getting your ass handed to you~ ^^;

- Redheads <3333333333333333333333333333333 Or red hair in general :3
- Subway <3
- Flirting with girls and possibly even a guy... then again, Dakota doesn’t really flirt with guys... at all... It’s rare
- Girls with long hair

- Girls who want more than Dakota’s willing to give
- Douche bag guys who are arrogant and overly cocky (even though he can be that way at times)
- People who get in his face. Seriously... Don’t do it. It’s like putting your face near a dog’s. The dog may feel threatened and attempt to bite you. Or in this case, Dakota may just tell you to back off in a growling sort of way.
- Being dominated. Though, there are times where he won’t mind while other times he will. You just gotta be aware of when he finds it okay and when he doesn’t.
- Seeing others get hurt. Especially girls. He has a soft spot for them and doesn't like seeing them get hurt for ANY reason.

Fun Facts:
- He have had over 7 different girlfriends throughout his life XD
- He seems to talk too much when he doesn’t need to
- He is currently single ~ Dakota: “Though as most tell me, I think with my d**k, soo....”

Theme Song: Limp Bizkit, Behind Blue Eyes (Its scary how perfect this is for him o_e)

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Dakota M. Blake
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