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 Victor the Vampire/Demon

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PostSubject: Victor the Vampire/Demon   Victor the Vampire/Demon EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 2:17 pm

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Full Name: Victor Van Horror
Nicknames: Vic.
Sex: Male.
Age: 300 Years but, looks somewhere between 18-20
Height/Weight: 5" 8' & 125 Lbs.
Orientation: Straight
Dob: Unknown.
Zodiac Sign: Thought to be Taurus.
Race: Vampire/Demon ~ Victor: Cause you know, the title wasn't obvious enough. =.=
Crush: Stephanie.
Relationship Status: Single. ~ Victor: Not for long. =w=
Family: Currently unavailable. Though Victor does/did have four other siblings (which is a highly rare number to have in a family of demons. My version at least), two of which are dead (a brother and a sister). The whereabouts of his remaining siblings are unknown even to Victor himself.

Abilities: He can teleport from place to place though for his practice and higher strength, the process doesn't take very long and he can be gone within an instant. He can form objects from the shadows easily and can even focus on an object to lift it. Of course the larger the object is in size, the more he has to focus, but that hasn't really been a problem for him. He has a quick healing rate and has the use of telepathy. Victor can freeze others in place, lift them in the air as he does with objects and even force them to do things for him. However, he doesn't really enjoy doing this due to the possibility of the person's resistance making it more of a hassle to with them, so he mostly avoids it. Not only that but he prefers to do things on his own in his own way. That way if anything goes wrong, it'll be his doing and not someone else's.

Victor, being a demon, also has a true form, as his human appearance is obviously just a disguise to blend in better. His demon form is rather large but he can alter his size to be just roughly larger than the average grey wolf. His demonic form is known as a Shadow Lycan when really, it isn't a Lycan at all. However, he can appear to be a large werewolf if he pleases but it's highly rare. His true form is a large wolf-like animal with a shadowy haze surrounding him that mainly revolves around his legs and tail. His claws are razor sharp and his fangs are like daggers. He stands about 6ft tall at the shoulder, and with his head, he could stand to be about 8" tall. His top canines protrude from his lips and subtly pass his chin. His eyes are the same in both forms. A vibrant yellow orange that at times can appear to be more close to a red orange depending on his current level of rage. Also, in his demonic form (smaller or full size) he can appear to have a spiky-like mane running down his back sometimes making him appear larger than he really is, but he tends to rely on his brute strength than his size.

Victor is a deadly foe and shouldn't be challenged unless you have the cunning and endurance to keep up with him for the possible hours he could keep you fighting. He's been living for around 300 years with demons up to five times his size... Fighting is in his nature and he is rather good at it. ~ Victor: Anyone who dares to face me has either got a death wish or huge balls...

Despite looking all dark and creepy Victor is actually a generally nice guy when you get to know him. He's often judged by many for his looks but, he doesn't care, to him it's about personality not looks (though they're good too lol.) Victor can be distant and cold at times but, that's part of his nature he can't help it. He has been in multiple relationships before but, not anything long term really. Also because of his vampiric nature he can tend to be a bit aggressive and domineering. He doesn't remember much of his past and his earliest memory is waking up under a large Sakura tree with a burning thirst. Because he's a bit distant not many are friends with him but, not really enemies either. Currently he has enrolled in the local high school and is in his freshman year. His major is music, mostly with guitar and a bit of vocal. On the side he does tend to hang around bars and occasionally has one too many. On the other hand, however, he can be rather blunt at times. Victor also isn’t one for smiling but he will occasionally offer a smirk, smug grin, or a soft chuckle. The only time he will ever laugh is if something is highly amusing to him (which even though happens a lot, he won’t laugh unless he truly feels he needs to, to get the point across) or.... ummm... I don’t think there is an or... lol

Appearance: He stands tall and is very masculine. He has long straight, shoulder length black hair. His eyes are a bright yellow and his skin is well tanned but still pale. Victor will most likely be found wearing a slim fit shirt that has elbow length sleeves and well-fitting jeans that are usually black or a dark blue/grey.

History: ~ O_o If I knew what it was like 300 years ago I'd make this but, f**k that shit x3x

Pet Peeves:
- None that I can think of at the moment. Then again, there could be several things that piss Reamus off to an unreasonable level. Oh, don't f**k around with someone that he DOES care about or he will get pissed and you'll be lucky to live. ^^;


- Girls with long beach blonde hair. He tends to like the beach blonde look for whatever reason. The closer to white (but not exactly white) the better Though black hair will satisfy him as well :3
- Wandering around at night and sleeping during the day.
- Seeing others in pain (though only if he’s the reason they are in pain. He IS a sadist :3)
- Blood...

- When he runs out of Whiskey or someone makes him drop it... no...
- Being hungover (even though he is practically an alcoholic xD)
- Many fucking things...

Fun Facts:
- Has a large scar running down his back from being forced into an unfair fight

Theme Song:
Falling In Reverse, Good Girls Bad Guys: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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Victor the Vampire/Demon
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