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 Anna & Ichigo

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Personality: Anna is a second year transfer student in school who is rumored to have a history of violent encounters. She is challenged with not only multiple fights but also due to her mothers death she takes up the responsability of looking after her younger sister. It is later revealed that she had transferred in order to move away from her violent image and pursue a life as a typical girl. Furthermore, she wishes to preserve the sakura trees near her school as they serve as a symbolic purpous to both herself and her younger sister. Anna is often a calm and sensible student, only fighting when necessary as form of self defence. She is strong-willed and is constantly determined to get jobs done.

Although Anna has a very competitive personality and accepts without hesitation any challenge that crosses her, regardless of difficulty mainly sporting events it does have a large impact on her live and she does tend to have a few uproars mainly through stress. Many of her efforts are devoted to finding supernatural beings, some hold that she does not actually believe in them.

With her continueous studies she soon finds out that not only are these supernatural events happening but that some of her classmates have started to act somewhat strange'.


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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

^Credit Nick for his beautiful Artwork<3^

Powers: (Still thinking on this)

Younger sister: Ichigo

Age: 4

(Ichigo is almost identical to Anna only she is younger and has shorter hair)


-Jessica (Ofc xD)

- Nick
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Anna & Ichigo
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