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 Raymon Alton Blake: Introduction Quiz ~ WIP sorta

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Raymon Alton Blake: Introduction Quiz ~ WIP sorta Empty
PostSubject: Raymon Alton Blake: Introduction Quiz ~ WIP sorta   Raymon Alton Blake: Introduction Quiz ~ WIP sorta EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 8:02 am

Raymon Alton Blake: Introduction Quiz

The following DOES contain sexual and possibly inappropriate terms. Because Ray is a bad boy like that. Other than that, Enjoy~ Oh, and this is old, so a few things may or may not apply to Ray that or something might have changed:) I have changed a few things but everything else is the same.
Part 1: Identity
Part 2: Physical Profile -
a) Human
Part 3: Special Abilities
Part 4: History
Part 5: Interests
Part 6: Personality and Personal qualities
Part 7: Image and Outlook
Part 8: Relationships
a) Family
b) Friends
c) Romantic

Part 9: Lifestyle

Character: Raymon Blake (I swear to GOD! WHY?? JUST WHY??????>>)

Part 1: Identity

1. What is your name? Do you have a nickname?
Raymon Blake. Though I go by and prefer Ray. Yes I do actually have a nickname=.= RayRay, Raymon James Blake(honestly don’t know where the hell James came from), and… I think that’s it

2. What is your gender?
Well… I have a penis XD

3. When were you born and what is your age? So what is the current year?
I was born in the wild, and I’m currently 19. And it is 2012…betch!

4. Are you still alive?
Well, shockingly I haven’t successfully managed to commit suicide yet.

5. Are you from Earth? If not please describe where you live:

6. Where were you born? Can you describe this place?
In a forest… far away from humans. At least that’s what I thought at first. And NO, I will NOT describe it>>

7. Where do you currently live? Can you describe where you live?
In a semi-large apartment with my brother and other ppl.

8. What is your current occupation? Have you ever had any other occupation(s)? If you have no occupation what do you aspire to be?
Doin your mom~

9. Would you describe yourself as either good or evil? Do you ever wish to change?
Evil… though good when I want to be.

Part 2: Physical Profile

10. Are you a machine? If so are you humanoid?
No… I have flesh and made of bones…

11. Are you Human or Humanoid? Is so, indicate which one:
I am a depressing half-human.

Part 2a: Human

12. If you are a Humanoid creature what are you? Are you a supernatural creature (e.g. Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost etc.)? If so, describe how you are different to a human:
Well, I appear to be human, but I have the general qualities of a Vampire. I have extremely pale, almost always cold skin, vibrant red eyes, canine-like fangs, hate Hate HATE sunlight, I like blood and enjoy watching it flow, and taste it. Yes, I have drunk blood before. One time I was blood-thirsty and had a real bad urge to taste blood. In doing so, I killed a girl. And then there was a dog. If you’d like, I could tell what I did to the girl. No? Okay then…

13. How tall are you?
Around 5”8’ I think…

14. How much do you weigh? What is your build?
more than 100lbs less than 140lbs. I weigh very light because I hardly EVER eat anything. I may drink every now and then, but that’s only if I want to.

15. What color are your eyes (if you have any)?
A vibrant red that glow.

16. What color is your hair and how would you describe the way it looks (if you have any)?
My hair is pretty much jet black. It comes down to about my shoulders and covers the RIGHT side of my face. Though at times, it can vary sides, but mainly it falls to the right.

17. How would you describe your skin tone?
EXTREMELY pale. Like, almost Michel Jackson pale… well, not that pale, but PALE

18. Do you have any unusual characteristics? (If you are not human describe both unusual characteristics for your species and for a human)
Yes, my extremely pale skin. If that’s not “unusual” enough for you, then how ‘bout my red eyes?

19. Do you have anything that could be considered a disability? If so, is it a hindrance?
My fragile body? My anger problems? My blood-sucking urges? If it came down to it, I could possible kill or be killed without realizing it=w=

20. Describe the way you usually dress:
Black…Black…More black… and some red and purple…

21. Do you have any supernatural abilities?
Not really… living without eating? Does that count?

Part 3: Special Abilities

22. When did you discover your abilities? Have you always known about them?
If I told you that, I’d have to kill you…

23. What is the nature of your abilities (e.g. Magic, Technology etc.)?
Darkness and anger…

24. Where did your abilities come from (e.g. Innate, Acquired etc.)?
Some part of my family…

25. What are your abilities? Can you describe the full extent of your abilities?
Well, if I become extremely confused or extremely scared to the point where I become unstable and don’t know what to do, I lose control of my actions and my “alter” side takes over. Well, if I don’t kill you, then my “alter” side will toy with you until you go insane or it kills you itself. Note: When my alter side takes over, I can’t be hurt or touched. Everything just goes right through me like I’m not there. But you can still see me, though I appear as a dark shadowy looking figure with glowing red eyes and an unearthly grin. Also, it wouldn’t stop toying with you until it gave in or I managed to gain control of it.

26. At what level of control do you have over your abilities?
Not very much, so with that said, I tend to avoid fighting. Though, if I’m just messing around, it might happen unintentionally^^;

27. Do you think you have reached your full potential?
Honestly? I have gotten pretty close. I have had a nightmare where I watched myself, well alter self, kill someone who meant the world to me. I was also told and saw my own brother lying dead in his bed and it was because of me.

28. Do you feel that your abilities are a blessing or a hindrance?
Defiantly a hindrance. And I can’t even do anything but fight the urge to kill. There are moments where I enjoy watching them suffer from me, but in the end highly regret it.

29. How do you use your abilities – do you feel you use them wisely or abuse them?
I don’t use them intentionally, but if you piss me off enough, I’ll let you talk to my alter side^^

30. Are you happy with the abilities you have or would you rather have others? Do you, or have you, ever want(ed) to get rid of your abilities?
I actually am happy with them, because when I have no one to talk to, my alter side sometimes comes out and talks to me. I know, that’s a bit awkward, but at least I have anyone to talk to XD

31. Are your abilities secret?
Yes, to almost everyone but Rex, Dakota, and a few others, but not even they know about them fully. They just know how it’s triggered and what could “possibly” happen during it. The only one who’s seen it in action is Rex. After seeing it, Rex was afraid of me for about a week or so.

32. Do many others have abilities where you come from?
No, I’m pretty sure no one in my family has anything similar to my ability. Dakota has something “like” it, but it’s NOTHING compared to mine. As he said, I DO have the worst of it.

Part 4: History OH JOY! My History:D

33. What is your earliest memory?
Umm… waking up this morning? I don’t remember shit anymore XD

34. What was your childhood like?
Bad… though better than Dakota’s… supposedly. I may not have been hated on and bullied, but I isolated myself from the world due to being afraid I might hurt or be hurt by others. I carry pretty heavy burdens on my shoulders. If I told you them, I’d have to kill you… Well, there’s just the main one I cannever tell you… That’s the one that I’d have to kill you if you found out.

35. Did you have any aspirations as a child?
Cared for by my parents. Though as I was, I failed to realize it.

36. Have you been, or are you still, in education?
I tend to avoid the public for multiple reasons. I usually only walk around outside at night.

37. Has anything life changing ever happened to you?
Yes… I had a dream that uncovered my secret sexuality. Legit O.o And a few other things that I don’t feel like sharing=w=

38. Have you had any tragic circumstances in your life?
Yes actually, and I can’t tell you them because they were very hard for me to except and live with.

39. Have you ever done anything you wish you hadn’t done? Do you wish you could change anything about your past?
Started cutting myself, underage drinking, ran away from home, did “that”, kept myself hidden for about 13 years from my brother, killed a girl, hurt someone I never meant to hurt, the list goes on…

40. Do you have many good memories in your life, if so what was the best and when did it happen?
When I met Rex… I could kinda relate to him at the time… He was almost always alone, didn’t like to be around people, had many secrets he didn’t want to share… We were very alike in our own ways.

41. Do you have any bad memories in your life, if so what was the worst and when did it happen?
If I told you that, I wouldn’t be here right now^^

42. Have you ever lost someone you love?
Yes, but it was in a horrible nightmare I had… but I swear it was almost real O.o

43. Have you ever been close to losing your life?
Yes, I almost managed to successfully commit suicide^^

Part 5: Interests

44. What do you most enjoy doing?
sitting around my house? Taking long naps during the day>
h) Anything else you can think of?
Nothing I feel like sharing with you=.=

46. What subjects are you interested in?

47. Do you have any hobbies? Do you have any skills or other abilities?
Not really… I guess sleeping if that counts as a hobby.

48. Do you like to travel or stay in one place?
I hate going outside, so staying inside sounds better to me^^

49. Would you rather have a life full of adventure or an uneventful life?
An uneventful life. I don’t want my life to be any more interesting that it already is>>

Part 6: Personality and Personal Qualities

50. How would you describe your personality?
Well, to put it this way: I’m not very nice whether you know me or not. I am quite emotionally unstable at times and have moments where I don’t know my reason for living. The only chance you have with me is if you gain my trust, which is NOT something people usually get from me. If you have ever heard the song Space Bound by Eminem, the first verse kinda explains that. “You just did the impossible: gained my trust. Don’t play games it’ll be dangerous. If you fuck me over, cause if I get burnt imma show you what it’s like to hurt, cause I’ve been treated like dirt before you.” That all much is true… And that song basically explains my life=w=

51. Would you describe yourself as either an optimist, or a pessimist?
Probably pessimist but that’s just my opinion. Even though others, maybe all, would agree with me.

52. Would you say you are warm and caring, cold and distant, or something in-between?
I’m pretty sure if you haven’t figured that out already from what I’ve told you, then we’ve gotta problem=.=

53. Do you think you have a good imagination or describe yourself as creative?
Well… it’s not the “best” imagination, but yeah, I got one

54. Would you say you are usually honest, or dishonest?
Considering I have lied all my life just to keep the truth from getting out, I would say I’m usually dishonest. But then again, it’s better to tell a small lie then deliver a painful truth.

55. Are you superstitious?
No… I don’t usually take things seriously… unless I have a reason to.

56. Do you have many fears? If so, what are they?
Losing my brother, my life (even though I have attempted suicide before), my loved ones… I despise the word “love”

57. Would you sacrifice your own happiness for someone else?
Probably…. not. But there probably only ONE person that I would

58. Do people generally like you or dislike you?
Yes, they do. Even the people who are around me and are considered “friends”
(lol, he didn't really answer the question XDDDD Ray is such a fail XDD)

Part 7: Image and Outlook

59. How do you think people see you?
As an emo queer bag of fagotory douchy-ness^^ Well, that’s what Dakota said… Not that I believe him, but whatever=.=

60. Is there anything that people want you to change about yourself? Is there anything you would like to change about yourself?
Yes. They want me to stop cutting and drinking beer or really anything with alcohol in it^^; Though I have stopped cutting(I altered to drinking), I still think about going back to it from time to time. Though I prefer drinking… doesn’t scar me, it just gives me one hell of a hangover XD

61. What do you think are your best qualities? Do these differ from what others see as your best qualities?
I don’t have any “good” qualities… Because I don’t like having anything “good” about me.

62. What do you think are your worst qualities? Do these differ from what others see as your worst qualities?
Everything about me is bad… and yes, people might not agree with that but hey, they can’t change that:3

63. How would you describe your personal hygiene? Would others agree?
When I ever showered, I would usually cut myself and cry. I didn’t cry because of the cutting, I cried because I was angry at myself and thought I should be punished with a knife. Oh, and the shower would run making the blood from my arms run down and drench the tub with the scent and crimson shade of my blood

64. Do you think you dress well (if you dress at all)? Would others agree?
No, I wear black almost all the time and if I ever wear color, you will probably never see it.

65. What is your pet peeve?
Pet peeve? Well, funny you should ask. I could say I have many, but then again, it’s not so much a pet peeve rather than something that just pisses me the fuck off. I’d say boys who think their “bad ass” and act like they are at the top of the world, looking down upon us pathetic excuses for humans ruining the land when we think we’re “improving” it. Well mostly I just like to rant about things that piss me off… sometimes I just rant to start a conversation.

66. Are you disgusted by anything?
Girls… that cake themselves in perfume and make-up. They think they look “drop-dead” gorgeous, when they look like something out of the Katy Perry E.T. music video O.o

67. Is there anything you can’t tolerate?
You have no fucking idea=w=

68. Do you have any religious beliefs? Do you have any beliefs that you would describe as non-religious?
Not really… I would like it if people would shut the fuck up about religions and treat everyone the same regardless of race, looks, religions, or sexuality>> So it’s okay to have a different belief, but not okay to like the same gender?… what’s wrong with you people?>>

69. Do you have any strong political views?
No… Because I.D.G.A.F.!!

70. Do you cope well with pain or death?
Both, because I go through A LOT of pain every day of my painful life and I try my hardest to NOT kill myself. But suicide constantly crosses my mind

71. Do you ever wish you could do anything that you can’t currently do or will never be able to do?
Remove the scars from my arms… And bring back my mother.

72. Are you happy with yourself the way you are now, or would you like to change?
MY GOD!!! And you’d expect me to “yes” after what I’ve told you????

Part 8: Relationships

73. Who is the most important person in your life? Who are they in relation to you (e.g. family member, friend, romantic interest etc.)?
My brother, Dakota. Sure, he may be a pain in the ass (legit), but he’s good to have around at times. Though to be honest(for once) he’s not the most important person in my life… well, he might be tied with Rex(the best person I could ever meet), who is almost always there for me…srsly, I don’t think there’s been a moment when he’s NOT there XD If I lost either of them, I probably WOULD commit suicide O.o

74. Who is the person, if any, who you turn to when you are in need of help or advice? Is there anyone you would trust with your life? If so, who?
Well… yeah actually. Rex. Because he and I are alike in MANY ways. We have both killed someone we never meant to kill, we have both isolated ourselves from the world in order to avoid hurting people, and we both know what it feels like to lose someone very close to us.

75. Is there anyone you would risk your life for? If so, who?
Yes, Rex. He is really the only reason I’m still living. Why? Because God knows what would happen if one day he finds out that I killed myself over some sort of event…

76. Is there anyone you really admire or respect? If so, who?
To be honest, not really. I guess Rex could be considered that “person” but then again, there’s not really a good reason to admire him other than the fact that we have similar past lives and personalities… sort of.

77. Do you have a hero/heroine/idol etc.? If so, who?
No… I don’t. I don’t really care for that childish stuff>>

78. Are you a social person, do you want to be left alone, or something in-between? Are you outgoing or do you like to keep to yourself?
Generally, I’d like to be left alone, but when it comes to feeling upset or needy, I tend to be quite social. Though it really only is around the person I want to talk to at the time.

79. Do you have any pets? How do you think of them (e.g. people, possession etc.)?
Yes^^ Rex. He is my bitch>
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) Whether they are still alive
c) How old they are and give a description of them

80. Do you know either of your parents? *
Yes, I do. But I never really liked them. They weren’t very “caring” to me when I was young. So I didn't care much about them. And I’m pretty sure my father is still alive, I just don’t know where the hell he is.

81. Do you have any siblings? If so are they older or younger than you? *
Yes. His name is Dakota Blake. He’s 17 and annoying as hell, but we love him…I think. Though, I wasn’t very fond of him when he came into the family. Matter of fact, I hated him for the majority of my life so far. After I ran away from home, he hadn’t seen me for almost 14 years. That’s a long time right? After he did manage to find me, I still hated him up until something happened. But I’ll get to that later^^

82. If you do not know of your parents/siblings do you know anyone else in your family or is there anyone else that you consider family? If so who are they in relation to you? *
Not really…

83. Do you have any children? *
No. And I don’t plan on it.

84. Have you lived, or do you still live, with any of these people? If so, how long for?
I live with Rex…

85. Do you currently live with anyone? If so who, and who are they in relation to you?
I live with my brother Dakota, his BF Nicky and my BFF Rex. Rex is MINE so BACK THE FUCK OFF!!

86. Would you say you have a good relationship with the people in your known family?
Yes, actually. But I don’t think so.

Part 8b: Friends

If you answer yes for any of the following questions marked with * please state (if it helps): NOOO!!
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) Whether they are still alive
c) How old they are and give a description of them
d) How long you have known them

87. Do you have any friends? *
Suuuuurrreeeee……………… Let’s go with that

88. If you have no friends why is this? Have you ever had any friends?
Because I’m an emo emotional wreck with no reason for living? What can I say? I’m blessed XD

89. Is there anyone you don’t like? If so why do you dislike them? *
YES!!! MANY people…. Many… Because they are careless assholes that think they can make fun of anyone and do anything and get away with it>>

90. Is there anyone who doesn’t like you? If so why do they dislike you? *
I’m sure there are many people who think I’m the same thing as what’s said above. But can they get away with murder? No? WELL OKAY THEN!!

If you answer yes for any of the following questions marked with * please state (if it helps): I will NOT! ONLY if “I” want to.
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) How long you have known them
c) If you consider them a friend or an enemy
d) If you think they would agree with your answer for c)

91. Is there anyone who annoys you? * If so, why do they annoy you?
Yes, many people. Mainly my brother, he annoys me more than small children.

92. There anyone you may annoy? * If so, why are they annoyed by you?
Yes, Rex XD But in a good way. He says I act like a small child sometimes XD But that only happens when I don’t know what’s going on and he won’t tell me anything>> So I default to asking the many questions: What’s going on? What won’t you tell me anything? Where are we going? Why are you being so quiet? Like that. That happened last night, when he was taking me somewhere but wouldn’t tell me where. He just said: “You’ll see.” It was annoying as hell but I got over it… sort of.

93. Is there anyone you would consider a rival? * If so what kind of rivalry do you have with them?
Not really… because NO ONE can compare to how much hate I have to carry on my shoulders… if you think YOU can, tell me and I’ll tell you my story.

94. Is there anyone who would consider you a rival? * If so what kind of rivalry do you have with them?
Maybe… I dunno

Part 8c: Romantic

If you answer yes for any of the following questions marked with * please state (if it helps or applies): Neeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….
a) The name(s) of the person/people in question
b) How old they are and give a description of them
c) How long you have known them

95. How would you describe your sexuality? (E.g. Heterosexual, Homosexual, Asexual etc.)
THAT IS NONE OF YOUR GOD DAMNED BUSINESS BUDDY!!>( But I will say I’m not gay and I’m not straight. Riddle me that one:D
(That made it SOOO obvious-3-)

96. Are you in a romantic relationship with anyone? *
You could say that…

97. If you are in a relationship what is your status (e.g. married, going out etc.)?
We’re..what is it? “going steady”? Is that it? Yeah.. that… but that’s all I’m saying

98. Have you ever been in a romantic relationship with anyone? * If so, are they still alive?
Kinda… but it didn’t go too well.

99. Are you still a virgin?
No… Though I should be, but I’m not.

100. Do you wish to be in a romantic relationship?
Not at first, but after “the incident” happened, I don’t really mind at all.

101. Is there anyone you believe you are in love with? *

102. Is there anyone you have feelings for? *

103. Do you know if anyone is in love with you? *
I’m pretty sure there are XD

104. Do you know if anyone has romantic feelings for you? *
Umm… well, from past experience, I’m pretty sure “they” do O////o

105. Have you ever loved anyone? * If so, are they still alive?
Yes and I would think they are.

106. Are you more likely to express your feelings for someone, keep your feelings secret, or pretend to dislike the person you have feelings for? Feel free to create your own answer if none of these apply:
I tend to keep my feels to myself because I’m afraid of being hurt badly by the ones I love.

Part 9: Lifestyle

107. Would you say you lead a good life? Do you enjoy your life? If not, why?
HA!! “Good” really isn’t something to describe my life XD Why you ask? Because I’m an emotionally unstable kind of person. Sort of…

108. How would you describe your lifestyle? Do you have a set routine or are you spontaneous in your actions? Are you active or lazy?
I just do what I feel like doing. Nothing more, nothing less. So yeah, I’m pretty lazy:3

109. What are your motives in life?
To just be me, and try and make things better. Though I have supposedly tried that, and nothing seems to be working. It’s like I’m destined to be bad or something=w=

110. How do you think of possessions (e.g. do they have sentimental value or are they just objects)?
Well… If I say it’s mine, then IT IS M-I-N-E MINE! If I don’t take interest in it then you can gladly have it… as long as Dakota approves^^

111. Do you have anything you usually carry around with you (e.g. tools, personal objects etc.)?
Not really carry, more like wear. My black jacket and that’s pretty much it… I guess I have a phone but I don’t use it much…

112. Do you have any allergies or medical problems?
Allergies… possibly. Medical problems? Oh yes:D I don’t eat… AT ALL. I don’t get hungry, so it’s not on my “things to do” list. Oh, and I had a problem with cutting for awhile. Yup, typical emo thing, but whatev. After that started to fade away, I began drinking and I seem to prefer that better. But it’s not that easy to find a beer or alcohol when you need it. Can’t imagine what I would resort to if I didn’t have a knife to cut or a beer when I most needed it… I’d probably just bite myself*shrugs* Who knows?

113. Do you have any problems with sleeping? If so, describe what is wrong and why you think this may be?
Yes… but not very often. Usually when I’m nervous like VERY nervous about something, I can’t sleep. It’s a bit complicated… I can’t really explain it very well

114. Do you have any bad habits?
Yes, cutting and drinking. That’s pretty much it… OH and getting blood thirsty and killing people XD

115. Do you like to take risks?
Umm… not really unless I’ve got nothing better to do or I need to.

116. Do you smoke, drink, take drugs or do anything else that could be seen to be harmful to your life? Would you give any of these things up?
I drink beer and cut myself. Though the cutting has stopped, it could and might start up again when you look at all the shit that’s been going on in my life lately. I have considered smoking but it’s not likely to happen. I have tried to stop drinking, but it’s just one of those things where my body feels it needs it. And honestly, I tend to have grown attracted to the taste and feeling it gives me. Though I could do without the thought of having a hangover the next day=.=

117. Are you regularly in trouble or do you tend to behave yourself?
Yes, but that’s usually when I let myself get into trouble. I try to behave myself, but trouble always seems to find me and puts me in the most darkest of situations.

118. If you live in a community: I don’t think I do… idk
a) Do you believe you are a good or bad member of the community?
b) How much do you contribute to your community? Do people recognize this or does it go unnoticed?

119. Are you a hard worker?
Not really…

120. Would you willing help someone if they asked for it? If so to what extent would you be willing to help?
No… I don’t like to get myself involved with really anything…

121. What would you most like to change about your life?
Well… pretty much everything… I’d like to change how people see me as a human and also take back all the things I did to myself and others… but not “him” he can keep the hate I’ve given him^^ And no, I’m NOT talking about Rex or Dakota.
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Raymon Alton Blake: Introduction Quiz ~ WIP sorta
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