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 OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek

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OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek Empty
PostSubject: OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek   OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek EmptyTue Aug 14, 2012 10:34 am

..:: Quiz Time With Rex, Ray, Dakota & Malek ::..
1. Ahh yes! Welcome to the interview! Would you first
like to introduce yourself?

Rex: My name is Rex and I don't know why the hell I'm here =.=
Malek: I'm just bored and felt like doing this XD
Ray: =.=
Dakota: Do I get to go to bed after this?
Malek: Yes…

2. So, are you acquainted with any of our other participants?
Malek: Yup^^ *wraps arms around Dakota and Ray*
Ray and Dakota: >_>
Rex: … =w=

3. Let's start with the basic questions. How old are you?
Rex: 20 years
Malek: 18 years ^^
Dakota: Rex you elder XD I'm 17 ^^
Ray: Dakota, shut up >> 18 years.
Rex: Thank you, Ray…

4. Height and weight?
Rex: Umm…165lbs? Maybe? About 6ft Like… 5"9' maybe? Idk
Malek: O.o GEEZUS! I'm a shorty McShortshort=w= I'm like 5"3' and weigh
Ray: I'm like 5"6' and weigh like… 125lbs…maybe less, I hardly eat at
all=w= I haven't eaten for like a week now O.o
Dakota: I'm like, uhh 5"5-5"6'? And weigh like roughly between like
130-140… Depends on what I eat…

5. Sexual orientation?
Rex: That's none of your business thanks =_=
Malek: I think I'm possibly Bi O.o
Ray: I'm agreeing with Rex on this, none of your business>>
Dakota: I'm Bi obviously XD

6. IQ?
All: Don't care…
Rex: I know I'm smart though…
Dakota: I have my smart moments XD

7. Bra size?
All: …. What the fuck?….

8. Let's cut the boring questions. Firstly, how many weapons are currently
on your person?

All: *look at Ray*
Ray: What?
Dakota: How many knives do you have on you Ray?
Ray: Has many as 1-2-3. And
as many as I want to have >>
Malek: Are they for cutting?
Ray: Yes and defending myself when needed.

9. Are you wanted for any crimes?
All: No…

10. And the age old 'Are you a virgin?'
Rex: I wish I was =w=
Malek: Nope.
Ray: Sadly no…
Dakota: Don't think "virgin" and "Dakota Blake" can be in the
same sentence XDDD

11. Do you ever fantasize about same-sex relations?
Malek: Yes… but not with me XD
Rex: O.o
Ray: O/////o
Dakota: All the time XD

12. Lovely. So, what is your favorite curse word?
Rex: I don't care…
Ray: Fuck.
Malek: Shit!
Dakota: Shit is mine! BACK OFF!! Maybe… lol

13. When was the last time you threw up?
Rex: Don't know…
Malek: Idk, and I'm glad I haven't yet =w= I hate puking>>
Ray: I can't remember >>
Dakota: I was "dry-heaving" yesterday morning =w= Does that count?

14. Have any mental illnesses?
Rex: Umm… not that I know of…
Malek: Don't think so…
Ray: Instability? Wanting to see and taste blood?
Dakota: I guess I become insecure and vicious when I get really pissed off O.o

15. What is your biggest phobia?
Rex: Don't really know…
Malek and Dakota: Spiders and cockroaches… O.o
Ray: My reflection… everyone here knows why =w=

16. Do you cross dress often?
Rex: No…
Malek: ….why….?
Ray: No… just no…
Dakota: I've wanted to and have XDD

17. Have any addictions?
Rex: Not really…
Malek: Umm… emo boy addiction? …umm… dark things?
Ray: Blood and cutting.
Dakota: Sex… yeah, I have no life XD

18. What is the closest you have ever been to dying? Or have you ever died?
Rex: Rather not say…
Malek: When I got EXTREMELY depressed and wanted to kill myself =w=
Ray: I've had suicide in my mind for many years of my life. And I
can't say I have ever not come close to death…
Dakota: More than like, 5 times O.o

19. Have the men in white coats ever taken you away?
All: No…

20. Are the men in white coats after

All: No…

21. Do you snore?
Rex: I don't know, most say I'm a quiet sleeper.
Malek: I don't know either… I don't think I do =w=
Ray: Possibly…
Dakota: I know I do X3

22. Are you drooling right now?
All: No?

23. Let's say that this room was about to explode, and you could save one
other person in here. Who would you choose?

Rex: Ray…
Malek: Dakota ^^
Ray: You know who you are…
Dakota: Malek C:

24. When was the last time you used the toilet?
All: WHAT??
Dakota: This morning?
Malek: Before I left school :3
Ray: Creeper >_>
Rex: ………………

25. Have you ever kissed a girl?
Dakota: HELL YEAH!!! Most say I'm an awesome kisser^^
Malek: Personal information….. >>
Ray: Sure…
Rex: Maybe…

26. Did you like it?
Malek: ….maybe.
Ray: Not really…
Rex: ……

27. The little voices in your head. Do you talk to them?
Dakota: Maybe…?
Malek: Idk…
Ray: I might… but usually its my "alter side" that talks to me >>
Rex: No…

28. Were you made fun of in school? Why?
Dakota: Not at school but the "day-care" I went to when I was young I
did…A LOT!! That's all I'm saying =w= So much for day "CARE".
Malek: Yes, actually… but now not so much X3
Ray: If I went to school yes, I would =w= Why do the emos always get judged for
being gay?
Dakota: Because they usually are XD
Malek: I like emo gays though ^^ They are cute :3
Ray: Only the ones that look like me though…
Malek: …True…True…
Rex: I would never be made fun of because I would be feared by most if not
all. Even the teachers…
Dakota: Wow… I would shit my pants if I saw you walk into my classroom O.o
Rex: Thanks, Dakota… That makes me feel "great" about myself =w=

29. I can't think of a question to ask you. Have any comments?
Ray: Fuck my damned life >> That is all
Malek: Ray loves you ^^
Ray: I do not. You ppl can suck it!
Dakota: I have a huge penis and therefore your augment is invalid XD
Rex: If I had a dollar for every time Ray would be "nice", I would be
broke as hell…
Ray: Suck my dick Rex!
Rex: See? Point proven…
Ray: =_=

30. This interview has ended? Are you gleeful? Or would you like to complete
our 100 question survey over thumbtacks?

Ray: I would shove those thumbtacks up your ass >> And I'm NEVER
gleeful… I hate that word…
Dakota: Why? Cuz it’s girly?
Ray: Sure… let's go with that >>
Malek: I would love to without the thumbtacks O.o
Rex: No thanks *gets up and leaves*
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OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek Empty
PostSubject: Re: OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek   OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 12:08 am

Steph: Holy shit, >_ > Who the fuck is Malek? Not another guy please XD

Anna: No comment

Jess: More pets for me ;D?

Anna: Whore..

Jess: Just because I get more D**k than you sweetheart

Anna: -Speechless-

Steph: You two in the same room? Wonder how bad that would be.

Anna: She'd be on the floor within seconds

Jess: Bitch please.
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OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek Empty
PostSubject: Re: OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek   OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 2:02 am

Malek: Is there something wrong if I WAS a guy? >> Anyfuck, yes I'ma dude.

Dakota: Yes, the only dude who I honestly can, have & will make out with... =w=

Ray: ....... Dakota you've done shit with me or do you have amnesia? =_=

Dakota: That was only because we were drunk.... it wasn't intended >> But I must admit I see why Rex likes you =w=

Rex: *pulls Ray next to and growl* Touch Ray when you're NOT drunk I'll give you something to cry about =3=

Dakota: >> *switches subject and sneaks over to Jess* .3. Hi thar...

Malek: ....... I'm such an old OC/fursona that I don't even know why the fuck I'm in that quiz =3= Now if you'll all excuse me I'm gonna go get shit done.
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OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek Empty
PostSubject: Re: OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek   OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek Empty

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OC Quiz: Rex Ray Dakota & Malek
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